Meet Virginia

Virginia’s love for fashion!...

Began over 30 years ago at my first job at a popular retail store in a large mall near my home. I was able to work in several departments, my favorite being accessories and women’s clothing. It was through this experience I learned how to sell and interact with customers. What I liked best is to help my customer pick out their clothes and show them how it fit into their wardrobe.

It was my college experience that taught me the value of investing in my wardrobe. I wanted to purchase items that would be of service in my professional career. My style was very important to me, quality was first on my list then the price was second. It was a lot to invest at first but I was able to wear my clothes for years to come.

My success from working in the retail world for may years, I then decided to venture out on my own!

I am here to offer you the tools to help you discover, develop and maintain your Style Personality. These tools will aid you in crafting a perfect outfit every time you get dressed. Anyone can build a versatile wardrobe once they discover the power in how to use clothing to find that perfect look. 

This is what I want to teach and show each one of my clients! Its time for you to leave a million dollar first impression!

Start learning how Your clothes can speak for You, Learn confidence in how you dress to take you to a new level of success! 

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